Jasoosi Digest August 2017

Jasoosi Digest August 2017

Jasoosi August 2017


Read And Download Jasoosi Digest August 2017

Jasoosi Digest August 2017
Jasoosi Digest August 2017

Jasoosi Digest August 2017

Short Summary of August 2017 Edition is as follow:-
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  1. Awara Gard By Dr Abdul Rab Bhatti Episode 40
  2. Angare By Tahir Javed Mughal Episode 26
  3. Do Raste By Kabeer Abbasi
  4. Larkar By Tamkeen Raza
  5. Be Qasoor By Aks Fatima
  6. Soda By Tanveer Wasti
  7. Koh E Nida By Manzar Imam
  8. Fesla By Mahtaab Khan
  9. Qatilana Khel By Saleem Anwar
  10. Barha Khiladi By Imran Qureshi
  11. Aasitsh Zan By Tanveer Riaz
  12. Doosra Chehra By Jamal Dasti
  13. Andhi Sazish By M Yasir Awan
  14. Mazloom Zaalim By Asma Qadri
  15. Khanjar Bakaf By Amjad Javaid

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