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About Paksociety

We Started Paksociety in 2009, Our objective was to give users a clean and fast site with ultimate speed and quality stuff. During our journey we starts to provide direct downloading links, first ever in Pakistan. We are founder of introducing new trends in books website, We add scribd preview for the first time in a book website, and now almost all websites which you can termed as cop casts are using same technique to show books. Today we are at No 1 Position in our Pakistan related to books, Because we are not giving spams on our site, We are putting advertisement but in decent manner, We are updating old stuff with new one on regular basis. We can also termed as NO Dead Link Site. Beside of this intro our users know about us very much. Advertisement:-

As we mentioned on every post that most of the books are scanned by different persons. If we scanned a book or author provide a book we are just showing our watermark, if a book is not scanned by us, we are showing in footer name of person who scanned it. also we try to upload every book in HD quality so we use different techniques to enhance images, purpose is not to remove watermark but to improve visibility of texts. in start when we was unaware of some facts we placed only our watermark on books, after some time we start mentioning scanner in footers,it is not possible to upload all such books again, so as a whole we mentioned on some of most famous series like imran series that all imran series posted before 2014 was scanned by Waqar Azeem and his team. now if we upload any book of Waqar Azeem we are giving him proper credits. And we are showing name of our contributors as Hameedi sahib and Iqbal Sahib(Coming Soon). Mr Hameedi scanned more or less 500 books by himself and he is a symbol of quality, we are using his scanned books as he joined our team. Thanks to hatters, we are dedicated to work because of you ;-)
WE ARE BEST Alhamdulillah
You are allowed to add relevant comments.We moderate every comment before showing it to website. We will delete all irrelevant comments. If you want to request any novel or E book just post it on our facebook page for better coordination.Kindly Purchase hard copies of these novels and digest to support authors and publishers.